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School Ministry

Pope John Paul II High School strives to educate the whole person. The office of Student Affairs oversees and coordinates the educational experience outside of the classroom through activities, clubs, teams, and organizations. Every student is given the opportunity to develop intellectually, spiritually, morally, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Every student is encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities in search of their God-given talents and interests.

Every student is encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities in search of their God-given talents and interests.

Our Office for School Ministry stands as a beacon of spiritual growth and community connection. Guided by the belief that a strong spiritual foundation enhances every facet of life, our ministry provides a nurturing environment for students to explore and deepen their faith. Through a diverse range of spiritual activities, retreats, and service opportunities , we enable students to embark on a meaningful journey towards a relationship with Christ. 

Centrally located in our School is a place of profound significance – our chapel. This sacred space serves as a tranquil refuge, inviting both quiet and communal worship. The chapel serves as a cornerstone of our school's identity, offering a place where students, faculty, and staff can gather to spend time with Christ and to celebrate the Eucharist and the sacrament of Reconciliation. 


Christian Service

Students are encouraged to serve the elderly, homeless, children, and the disabled.  They are encouraged to serve at soup kitchens, Catholic Social Services sites, nursing homes, and their own parish or church.
Numerous Christian Service opportunities are offered to students through the School Ministry Office and are communicated via postings in the “Christian Service” Schoology Class in which all students are enrolled. 

After completing their Christian Service Hours, students will complete a reflection essay which is designed to help them to connect their service experience with what they have learned in their Theology classes. The essay prompts are posted on Schoology and are to be completed and submitted on Schoology once all of the Hours Logs have been completed on MobileServe. Students who have questions about MobileServe are encouraged to check the Christian Service Schoology Class.

Ministry Team

Meets twice a month, immediately after school, as a whole group. Smaller group meetings vary. 

Each meeting will consist to some degree of the following:

  • Praying with and for the Ministry Team, as well as the school community

  • Preparation for upcoming school liturgies

  • Learning about an aspect of the way the Church prays

  • Building comradery in the Team

If a student is interested in joining, they are asked to meet with Mr. Kozeniewski to indicate their interest in joining and why. If the student is Catholic, they are also encouraged to be a part of their parish’s liturgical life, not only by fulfilling their weekly obligation to Sunday Mass but by assisting their parish priest with Sunday Mass. Non-Catholics are welcome to join as well! 

Ways to Get Involved

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