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Give and Support Catholic Education


Why Give

The John Paul Fund closes the gap between tuition revenue and the actual cost of providing the exceptional educational environment that PJP seeks to provide each student.


The John Paul Fund also makes it possible for many families who would otherwise be unable to afford a PJP education to attend such a reputable catholic college preparatory high school. It is our desire to make it possible of any family who wants their children to attend PJP to do so.  Your generosity to the John Paul Fund help makes this possible.


We thank you in advance for your consideration of providing support to PJP and, as always, we are humbled and grateful to those who have given in the past and make PJP a priority with annual contributions.  Please feel free to contact us at any time at (484) 975-6500 to learn more about the many ways to support the mission of Pope John Paul II High School.

Ways to Give

The John Paul Fund

The John Paul Fund is the cornerstone of giving to PJPII. All gifts to the fund comprise unrestricted giving having an enormous impact on PJP’s ability to support its standards of excellence in teaching, scholarship aid, program and activities, technology, student development, and facilities improvements. Your annual gifts fuel the success of this school and touch every aspect of our students’ experience. Without a vibrant and sustainable John Paul Fund, tuition would have to be increased to support our school-wide initiatives.  All the reason why the annual fund is so important to our students' success which enables a quality Catholic education at an affordable cost for PJP families.


In celebration of our 10th anniversary, PJP has created an opportunity for donors to create a named scholarship.  Donors may the name and criteria for the scholarship; the PJP Administration will select the actual recipient according to the criteria set.  In particular, we invite PJP alumni and the alumni from our legacy schools to consider establishing a scholarship in memory or in honor of someone who made a profound impact on your education.

Matching Gifts

Many companies offer their employees, spouses, and retirees an opportunity to financially support a favorite charity and at the same time receive a matching contribution from their employer through their Matching Gift program. We encourage you to consult with your Human Resources Department to see if your company has a designated Matching Gift program, what program areas they will support, and what is the maximum amount they will match each year. Make sure to obtain the appropriate matching gift form and return it along with your gift to PJP. We will complete the necessary information on behalf of PJP and return it to your company for the processing of their gift.

Gifts in Kind

Gifts of Securities

Non-cash gifts of property such as computers, school buses, books, scientific equipment, art materials, sports equipment, etc. also make important gifts.  The fair market value of such items is deductible for income tax purposes.  A formal appraisal is required by the IRS for gifts in kind valued over $5,000.

A gift of appreciated securities is one way to make a significant contribution at a reduced cost to you. Federal tax law allows a charitable deduction for the full market value of securities on the date of your gift.

Memorial Gifts

Gift of Real Property

A gift in memory or in honor of someone you love or admire can be a particularly meaningful way to contribute to PJPII. To honor an Alumni, parent(s), grandparent(s), student(s), friend(s) or loved one can be made for special remembrances such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, new arrivals, graduation, holidays, new job, new home, religious observation, or special accomplishment.


These gifts can be made through the John Paul Fund, Planned Giving, Capital Gift, and may be restricted or unrestricted to PJP.

Real property can be given as an outright gift or by request.

Life Insurance

Gift Annuity Agreements

There are a number of ways to make a gift of life insurance:


  • Absolute Assignment:  You may wish to transfer ownership of a policy that has outlived its original purpose

  • Co-Beneficiary: You may name Pope John Paul II High School as a co-beneficiary of part of the proceeds of a new or existing policy.

Gift annuity agreements allow you to make a gift to Pope John Paul II and receive fixed annual payments for life. You are allowed a tax deduction for a portion of the amount transferred and for a period of years on part of the payments will be taxed as income. The size of the payments is based on the age(s) of the recipients at the time of the gift.

Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts and Unitrusts

These enable you to make a significant gift to Pope John Paul II during your lifetime and continue to receive income for yourself and/or other beneficiaries. After the life interests have passed, the remaining principal will pass to Pope John Paul II High School. In addition to income tax deductions in the year, the trust is instituted (with five-year carry over privileges), donors may avoid capital gains and significantly reduce estate and gift taxes.

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