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Board of Directors

Pope John Paul II High School is blessed to have a Board of Directors who serve in volunteer capacity and portray a commitment to academic excellence that is a hallmark of Pope John Paul II High School.  Their charge it to a) promote and advance the mission of educating and instructing students in a course of education in conformity with Catholic principals and educational programs as prescribed by the Archbishop; b) provide fiscal oversight and assist in the financial management of the school; c) develop a strategic plan for the School with a focun on fund-raising and enrollment.

Board of Directors Leadership

  • Robert Getts (Chair of the Board)

  • Bill Breslawski (Vice-Chair of the Board)

  • Terese Brittingham (Secretary of the Board)

Board of Directors Members

  • Buz Bass

  • Chris Claffey

  • Dean Fox

  • Doug George

  • Chris Haffey

  • Rev. Brian Kean

  • Bob Koch

  • Jeff Mehallick

  • Jennifer Mondillo

  • Steve Pinone

  • Colleen Pulaski

  • Jeannie Tewell


  • Catholic Identity, Spirituality and Mission

  • Executive

  • Development

  • Enrollment

  • Facilities

  • Finance

  • Student Financial Assistance

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