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I’ve heard of it, but what is it?

You may have heard about or seen information in the PJP Weekly about  an event called “Savor the Flavor.” But what exactly is Savor the Flavor? Below we have answered a few questions that we hope will have everyone excited to join us for a fun evening celebrating and supporting PJP!

So really, what is it?

Traditionally, Savor the Flavor has been the biggest fundraising event of the year. The event is held in the gym and features menu offerings from local restaurants, a basket raffle, silent auction, and a live auction, as well as performances from our performing arts department. Parents, alumni, and other members of our local community are invited to attend. Each year there is a theme for the event, and this year’s theme is Over the Rainbow.

Who runs the event?

Savor the Flavor is coordinated by a committee of dedicated parents and alumni parents and members of Pope John Paul II High School’s Office of Institutional Advancement. 

Where do the funds from the event go?

The funds raised from the event support the John Paul Fund which sustains and enhances the student experience at PJP. 


OK, I’m in! Where do I buy tickets and how can I help?

You will receive an invitation to purchase your tickets as soon as they are available in early March, but mark your calendars for April 20th today!

In the meantime, there are a number of ways to help! You can:


And if I have more questions?

If you have more questions you can visit the Savor the Flavor webpage or contact PJP’s Development Coordinator, Sarah Bauer at

 Thank you and we look forward to seeing you “Over the Rainbow”!

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