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Hall of Fame

Pope John Paul II High School has a Hall of Fame called the "Legacy of Impact Hall of Fame." It was established to recognize the great accomplishment of those who attended  Pope John Paul II and its legacy schools ... St. Matthews, St. Patrick's, Archbishop Kennedy, Bishop Kenrick, and Kennedy-Kenrick. For more information about the Legacy Hall of Fame, contact Sarah Bauer (


Nomination Process:

There are two ways an individual or a team can be nominated for the Legacy of Impact Hall of Fame.

1) individuals from the PJP and Legacy school communities (see above for the list or legacy schools) can complete the form below to nominate an individual or team to the Legacy of Impact Hall of Fame. Forms must be received no later than April 30th in a given year.

2) Members of the nomination committee can nominate individuals or teams as well by bringing forth such names at a committee meeting. The nominating committee will review all names submitted and make the selections of the inductees for that given year.  Inductees will be notified by a member of the committee once a decision is made.


The submission of a name does not mean that the individual or team you nominated is going to be selected for the Legacy of Impact Hall of Fame.  That decision is the sole responsibility of the committee.

Class of 2023

  • Kris Harvey McGill

  • Kathy Kopf

  • Molly Lackman

  • Karen Zajick

  • Steve Carcarey

Class of 2022

  • Rev. Paul Brandt

  • Stacia Ficarro

  • Jeffrey Mehallick

  • Cheryl Rodgers

  • Charles "Bud" Stock

  • Anthony Yerger

  • '81-'82 Girls Basketball Team - Archbishop Kennedy High School

Class of 2020

  • Edward Dobry

  • Charles Heavey

  • Marusia Griffin Lynn

  • Thomas McGee

  • Michele Murphy

  • Sandy Nadwodny

Class of 2019

  • Most Rev. Michael Fitzgerald

  • Charles Kehoe

  • Thomas Pilecki

  • David Psota

  • Maria Rapchinski

  • Dr. Ryan Reber

  • General Anthony Zinni

Class of 2017

  • Coach Christian Bockrath

  • Vincent Flocco

  • Dr. Lawrence Gribb

  • Tom Lang

  • Coach Jim Mich

  • James K. Neve

  • Sister Regina Eleanore Pignoli

  • Richard Wesselt

  • 2014 State Baseball Champions - Pope John Paul II High School

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