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It is the goal of Pope John Paul II High School that each graduate will…



  • Live and practice our Catholic Christian faith

  • Develop a personal relationship with God 

  • Articulate his/her beliefs, values, and convictions clearly 

  • Discover, define, and develop his/her God-given gifts 



  • Live fully the message of Christ 

  • Demonstrate personal integrity, moral behavior, and respect for others 

  • Believe in the direct correlation between actions and consequences 

  • Recognize and help the marginalized people of our local and global communities 



  • Think critically, creatively, and independently 

  • Integrate information from various disciplines, worldviews, and multicultural perspectives 

  • Communicate effectively in speaking and writing

  • Be able to work efficiently in a technological world 



  • Respect economic, ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity 

  • Exercise leadership and service in religious, civic, personal, and professional activities 

  • Demonstrate a positive sense of self and a life-long commitment to personal growth 

  • Work collaboratively, appreciating how differences contribute to the whole 



  • Make choices that promote health and safety for self and others

  • Maintain a positive self-image, which includes respecting oneself 

  • Practice wellness of mind and body

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