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24 Hour Attendance Line


Calling the 24-hour attendance line (484-975-6500 ext. 3015) to report absences and lateness is very important. Knowing if a student is absent is due to illness or a doctor's appointment helps us maintain a safe environment for our students. Students failing to appear without any communication may receive demerits and a Saturday detention for skipping class or truancy.


Absence Notes


An absence note must be returned to the Student Services Office upon a student’s return to school. An absence is excused only when accompanied by a doctor’s note or court order. The doctor’s notes for absences must document the reason. If a student fails to return a doctor’s certificate within two weeks of the absence the certificate will not be accepted as a means to excuse the absence or lateness.


PowerSchool Alerts


To monitor your student’s attendance we recommend that you sign up for alerts in PowerSchool. This can be done by logging into PowerSchool. On the left menu bar click on email notifications. You will see the screen below. Check on the box next to "Detail Report of Attendance." At the bottom under "Frequency" and "How Often," specify daily using the drop-down menu. You will then receive alerts when your student is absent from school or class.



The full attendance policy can be found in the student handbook.

For any questions or concerns please contact:

Julie Sedlock

484.925.6500 ext. 3012

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