Weather Alert

Pope John Paul II High School utilizes School Messenger Broadcasting System to notify all households and parents by phone and email within minutes of an emergency or unplanned event that causes early dismissal, school cancellation or late start.
School closing information will be reported on 
The school closing number is 1332.
Those students who ride public school buses must determine if transportation will be available by listening for their local district announcements.
  • If PJP has a delayed opening but other school districts are busing at the regular time, students may report to school at the regular time unless otherwise specified through our School Messenger Broadcast. The building will be open and supervised.
  • Students who are transported by our Metz, our private transportation company, follow the Pope John Paul II High School schedule.
  • If a student is transported by their local school district and they have a delay, but PJP does not, student lateness will be excused.
  • If a student is transported by their local school district and they are closed, but PJP is not, students from that district are excused for the day. In these instances, we do encourage the students to report for the day if an alternative mode of transportation is safe and accessible.
  • When there is early dismissal because of inclement weather, students will be dismissed by district as each district notifies us.
  • Parents are strongly urged to encourage their son/ daughter to use public school transportation instead of driving to school if the weather is questionable in the morning.
  • STUDENTS MAY NOT RIDE A BUS FROM A SCHOOL DISTRICT THAT IS NOT THEIR OWN. The school assumes no responsibility for students who ride home with another student, with or without parental knowledge.