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Science & Business Labs

Science Labs:

PJP maintains 5 Science labs (16-18 computers in each) for utilization by classes for specific research and projects. Science labs make use of networked computers to conduct experiments and analyze data with the use of Vernier probes & LabQuest units. Logger Pro software is used for the probes and Graphical Analysis. The LabQuest units are wifi and have the ability to connect directly with the iPads and ChromeBooks. They also use various websites to do labs. The science department has recently purchased two 3D printers for use with the Engineering by Design class.


Business Labs:

PJP maintains 2 Business labs (35 computers in each) for the required Technology Explorations Course along with electives designed to enhance the technology proficiency of the student. Students are encouraged to utilize PowerPoint and Word in their classroom presentations along with business software recently purchased. The software PJP uses in the business labs are Cengage Learning Mind Tap Knowledge Matters Virtual: Sports and Entertainment, Personal Finance, and Hotel, Prezi, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and Microsoft Publisher.