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International Students

Students are considered international if they are not US citizens. Any applicant that does not possess a US birth certificate or a US passport must apply as an international student.


PJP accepts a limited number of international students each year. Each student is reviewed and accepted based on Academic and English qualifications. They must demonstrate strong English skills. A Skype interview will be conducted once the application has been received. PJP offers a series of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.



Application Process (In English)

Documents Required For Application

*Required before submitting Online Application.



Final Transcripts from previous years up to and including current year*
Copy of Passport*

Student Essay (In English)*



Registration Fee is required within two weeks of acceptance.



The documents listed below must be uploaded by August 1, 2018.


Dental Exam (Last School Year- September 1, 2017)

Medical Exam (Last School Year- September 1, 2017)

Latest TB immunization/All Immunization Records (TB Record has to be a blood test)


Agency Information CSEIT/Guardian Information

Must provide a U.S. Address by August 1, 2018.



Application Deadline

Pope John Paul II offers rolling admission. PJP accepts application from the first day of the school year. August 15, 2018 is the deadline for the 2018-2019 School Year. Please note: it takes a few weeks to receive an I20 and Visa.





Apply Now


Once completed, a Skype interview will be conducted on a day you’ve selected in the application.

**Acceptance is not guaranteed.

If granted, the student/ agency will receive a letter. Registration Fee is required within two weeks of acceptance. The I-20 Process is given to the agency/ guardian in order to apply for the VISA. Once the school receives the I-20, it will be express shipped to the student and their family. This will allow ample time to apply for a VISA.




Send Check in Mail or Bill through FACTS.



Tuition payments begin June 15, 2018. If you should have any questions about tuition, you can reach out to Lisa Gaynor. 484-975-6500 x 3010 Lgaynor@pjphs.org



Summer Reading

Each student is required to read two books this year for summer reading. Please read the appropriate books for each grade before the first day of school. The file is attached below.



Questions or Concerns

Assistant Director of Advancement

Molly Watson- 484-975-6500 x3066 mwatson@pjphs.org