Ministry Team

Ministry Team
Moderator: Rev. Alessandro Giardini
[email protected]

The PJP Ministry Team serves the broader school community in deepening our love for Jesus and for each individual person. They do this primarily through the education, preparation, and execution of school liturgies and prayer services throughout the year. In order to do this well, the individuals on the Ministry Team know that they must first deepen their own appreciation for the liturgical work of Christ and His Church. This happens through prayer, learning about what liturgy is, and building community within the Ministry Team.


Twice a month, immediately after school, as a whole group. Smaller group meetings vary.


Each meeting will consist to some degree of the following:
- Praying with and for the Ministry Team, as well as the school community
- Preparation for upcoming school liturgies
- Learning about an aspect of the way the Church prays
- Building comradery in the Team


How To Join: 
If a student is interested in joining, they are asked to meet with Father Giardini to indicate their interest in joining and why. If the student is Catholic, they are also encouraged to be a part of their parish’s liturgical life, not only by fulfilling their weekly obligation to Sunday Mass but by assisting their parish priest with Sunday Mass.
Non-Catholics are welcome to join as well!