Class Retreats

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Class Days of Recollection are days of reflection, small group activities and prayer which are held within the time frame of a regular school day.


  • The Freshman Day of Recollection welcomes all students into the Catholic, Christian community which is Pope John Paul II High School.


  • The Sophomore Day of Recollection focuses on cultivating Catholic, Christian leaders in the spirit of our patron Pope Saint John Paul II.


  • The Junior Class Day of Recollection, which is divided by gender, focuses on how to discern and live out your Christian vocation.


  • The vast majority of Seniors attend one of the Kairos Retreats. For more information about Kairos, please see the Kairos PDF document on this page.


  • Those who do not attend a Kairos Retreat attend a Day of Recollection which focuses on ways they may continue on their faith journey after high school. 


  • A Faculty Day of Recollection focuses on concrete ways to incorporate our Catholic faith into the everyday life of a Catholic School teacher.