Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life
The heart of the Pope John Paul II High School’s mission is that of the Catholic Church: glorifying God by helping others to grow in holiness. This growth in holiness, defined by a deepening of one’s relationship with God, will enable our students to discover their true self, realize their ultimate happiness, and help others around them to do the same.
To realize this growth, the Ministry Office helps students to foster a healthy spiritual life. For Catholics, the most fundamental way to do this is through the reception of the sacraments. All students are given the opportunity to experience the power of God through daily and school-wide celebrations of the Eucharist and Reconciliation. 
The celebration of the Eucharist occurs daily in the school chapel. To make it more accessible to the students and faculty, Mass is celebrated at the lunch periods on a rotating schedule (Mondays at 3rd period, Tuesdays at 4th , Wednesdays at 5th , Thursdays at 6th ).

At lunch periods where Mass is not celebrated, members of the faculty and senior class lead students in a short prayer service. On Fridays, Mass is celebrated before school starts, at 7:25 AM. Eucharistic Adoration is then made
available so that all students may spend some time in quiet reflection before the God who loves them. Our theology classes are regularly scheduled to spend time in adoration as well. 

At Mass, our school not only prays for our students and faculty, but those who are close to us. Those who are a part of our school community may request Masses to be said for their deceased and living family members, benefactors or friends. These Masses are said by our School Minister. Please contact the Ministry Office for more details.