Christian Service

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“The lay faithful must not limit their actions to inside the walls of the ‘temple.’ After having drawn the light of the word and the strength of the sacraments, they must announce and testify to Christ, the only Redeemer of man, in the society to which they belong.”  –Pope St. John Paul II: Message to the Fourth Conferences of the Churches of Sicily, March 19, 2001 

Modeling themselves on the person of Jesus, Pope John Paul II High School students serve others and the community around them through a Christian Service Program which has been integrated into the PJP curriculum. 

Students are encouraged to serve the elderly, homeless, children, and disabled.  They are encouraged to serve at soup kitchens, Catholic Social Services sites, nursing homes, and their own parish or church.

Numerous Christian Service opportunities are offered to students through the School Ministry Office and are communicated via postings in the “Christian Service” Schoology Class in which all students are enrolled.   

During the 2021-2022 Academic Year, each student is expected to complete the following number of hours:

Freshmen          7.5 hours

Sophomores      9 hours

Juniors              12 hours

Seniors              15 hours

After completing their Christian Service Hours, students will complete a reflection essay which is designed to help them to connect their service experience with what they have learned in their Theology classes. The essay prompts are posted on Schoology and are to be completed and submitted on Schoology once all of the Hours Logs have been completed on MobileServe. Students who have questions about MobileServe are encouraged to check the Christian Service Schoology Class.