The Pope John Paul II Guidance Department believes that each student is a child of God, and therefore possesses inherent worth and dignity. Each person is important, regardless of who he/she is or what he/she can do. All students have the ability to grow and can be helped to make choices that will lead to a deeper maturity. At times, the student may need assistance to develop his/her potential more fully. The essential function of the Guidance Program at Pope John Paul II is to help each student to know himself/herself and to make choices suited to meet his/her needs.


The counselors and staff in the Guidance Department are available to assist each student as they grow and mature in understanding themselves and their environment at Pope John Paul II. They are dedicated to assisting students in their decision-making process with regards to their education, career, and personal growth. In order to facilitate this process, each student is assigned a counselor upon entering Pope John Paul II. The counselor is the student’s advocate and contact during their years at Pope John Paul II. Any student may request an appointment with their counselor by filling out an appointment form which is available in the Guidance Suite. Counselor assignments are published on the school website as well as distributed at the beginning of the school year. The Guidance Department welcomes parent involvement. Parents who wish to make an appointment are requested to contact their child’s counselor directly.


Emergency requests by students are always handled immediately.


The services offered by the Guidance are varied and are designed:

To offer support and guidance as the student participates in the high school experience. To advise and guide in selecting an appropriate vocation and/or career.
To aid and advise in the search of post secondary education including applications,

recommendations and financial information.
To serve as the clearinghouse for information regarding SAT/ACT registration, NCAA

Eligibility procedures, Scholarship opportunities, and Financial Aid.
To maintain the college and career library resources and provide computer assistance

with online applications in the Guidance Suite.
To schedule cafeteria visits and maintain contacts with college admissions

To interpret standardized test scores and how best to use the information the tests

provide, including the PSAT, SAT, and ACT tests, and various career interest tools.
To provide notices of part-time and full-time jobs.
To assist with academic and disciplinary difficulties.
To offer counseling in personal matters and interpersonal relationships.
To realize the limits of the school counseling services and to provide referral sources

when the need arises for extensive counseling.


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provides a variety of services to students under Act 89 such as; remedial reading, remedial mathematics, and counseling and evaluations with a school psychologist. These services are provided through the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit.


Ms. Cathleen Corrigan
Director of Guidance
484.975.6500 ext. 3041

Sister Regina Eleanor, IHM


Mrs. Leah Millrood

Mr. John Midgley


Mrs. Doreen Bell
Administrative Assistant


College Planning Workbook

PJP's Student Assistance Program

The goal of the Student Assistance Program is to offer PJP students support and resources to deal with issues they may be experiencing with a classmate or friend, alcohol or drugs, or in their home or personal lives that are affecting their ability to be perform at their best in their academic or extracurricular activities. If you or a student you know, is struggling, we encourage you to take advantage of PJPs Student Assistance Program by completing this referral. The caring team members will review your concerns, gather information, and develop a plan to support the student and guide him or her towards success.

PJP Scholarship Newsletter
Parents and students, please follow the link below to and refer to it frequently as the Guidance Department will add scholarships to it as we learn of new opportunities for the members of the class of 2020!
PJP's School Profile

Pope John Paul II High School assists in the formation of Catholic students to be full and practicing members of the Church while simultaneously recognizing and respecting the cultural diversity of our student body. We are a center of academic excellence rigorously preparing students to be contributing members of the global community with the ultimate goal of eternity in Heaven.


Please review the 2019 - 2020 PJPHS School Profile below for more information.