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Panthers' Learning Center/PAWS Program

The Panthers’ Learning Center (PLC) is our hub of student support and is designed to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students in order to foster their success and sustain their well-being.
The PLC offers two specialized classrooms, one traditional, one flexible. Also located in the PLC is space for students to collaborate with one another, work on projects together and share ideas with one another. A centerpiece of the room is a tiered instructional space with a large interactive learning board for demonstrations and easy viewing.
Additionally, students who just need to unwind and remove themselves from the chaos of the day will be able to find a quiet space created for them to relax and decompress. Finally, the Panthers’ Learning Center will also be the home to our newest academic offering, the PJP PAWS Program.
Panthers Achieving Worthwhile Success
Recognizing that all students approach learning from a unique and individual position, Pope John Paul II High School will launch our PAWS program to best support our learners who require additional resources beyond traditional classroom offerings.

The PAWS program is available to students with a diagnosed learning difference supported with an IEP or 504 documentations.
Students who are rostered for daily instruction in the PAWS program will be charged an additional fee of $1900 for the year to support the instructional program and one to one attention. Financial assistance may be available for qualified students.


  • National Honors Society tutoring from 7:00-7:40AM (scheduled in advance; will resume soon)
  • Home of the PAWS program and Panther Performance Class
  • Individual check-ins with students during the day to create goals and study plans
  • Organization and study skill instruction
  • Quiet, after-school study space from 2:30-4:00PM (appointments required using this form)
For any additional questions, please contact Mr. Joseph Rogers, the Director of Academic Support, at either [email protected] or (484) 975-6500 Ext. 3030.