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Health and Safety

Sports Medicine:
What should I do if I get hurt during a practice or game?

1. Injuries should always be reported to the Athletic Trainer.
2. If a doctor visit is necessary, you should obtain a doctor's note whether you are cleared or not cleared to play.  If you visit the doctor, the AT will not allow you to practice without written clearance. 
3. Follow the doctor's/AT suggestions for rehabilitation.
The Athletic Trainer will be present at all practices during the school week, and home contests on Saturday/Sunday. 

Training Room Hours:
Mon-Fri: 2:30 PM to End of Practices
​Sat/Sun: 1 hour prior to contest until the end of contest
The trainer will NOT be available for weekend practices.
Contact Sports Medicine
Tracey Rarich
Ast. Athletic Director
Head Athletic Trainer
Pope John Paul II HS
181 Rittenhouse Rd. Royersford, PA 10468
484-975-6500 ext. 3065