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Clubs and Activities

Extracurricular activities at PJP create invaluable opportunities for student learning, growth, and development. Check out this list of our current clubs and organizations:
Academic Decathlon
The PREMIER academic competition in the country. It is well-regarded by colleges because of the rigorous nature of the competitions.  Students compete against other schools in the following areas: Math, Science, History, Language, Literature, Art, Music, and Economics.  Typically, there are up to 4 competitions that we are likely to participate in, most of which are on Saturdays. 
Moderator: Mrs. Cindy Honyara [email protected] 
srchery club
Archery Club
Nearly everyone can enjoy success in archery. The sport is highly inclusive and is for many enthusiasts, a lifelong activity. Archery is a diverse and super-safe shooting activity with a wide variety of formats and styles. in NASP-style archery, students of all genders, abilities, and backgrounds will flourish. 
Moderator: Mr. Bryan Wilson [email protected]
Astronomy Club
The Astronomy Club is open to anyone in the student body, whether you have knowledge about the universe or not. We meet two times a month and have a great time! We have activities, cover space news, and do other fun projects. We do this while learning about our amazing world.  
Moderator: Mr. Tim Fonde [email protected]
The Concert Band is open to any student that plays an instrument. The Concert Band performs at the Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, Pep Rallies, and various welcoming events throughout the year. Members of the band can also be involved in smaller subgroups including the jazz band, pep band, string ensemble, orchestra, and percussion ensemble.
Moderator: Mrs. Marusia Lynn [email protected]
Chess and Games Club
Don’t get bored after school, play a board game! Chess, checkers, and other timeless, classic games are available. Something more active? Play ping pong or badminton– tournaments, teams, or just for fun, the Games/Ping Pong club is right for everyone!
Moderator: Mr. Doug Dunn [email protected]
Once a semester, students will have the opportunity to perform in “open-mic” typesetting. The Coffeehouse brings together members of the school and outside the community for an evening of relaxed and fun performance at PJPII. Listen to announcements for more details about how to sign up for this event.
Moderator: Mr. Dennis Mullarkey [email protected]
Community Service Corps

The Community Service Corps provides many opportunities for students to exercise their passion while doing service. PJP CSC continues to encourage innovative service initiatives that emphasize student leadership and community building. These activities are followed by structured time for processing and reflecting on the specific service experience. Projects have included: l) Thanksgiving Food Drive, 2) Christmas Presents for Archbishop’s Christmas Party 3) MLK Day of Service, 4) Rise Against Hunger, 5) Miles for Smiles, and more. These students serve as positive role models to the entire Pope John Paul II community. CSC is open to new opportunities and new ideas on how to serve both the school and the community at large.

Moderator: Mr. Doug Dunn [email protected]

Cornerstone (Yearbook)
The Cornerstone is the PJPII Yearbook. Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Indesign software to put together the yearbook for the student body. Take pictures at various school functions both during the school day and outside of school. Learn to work cooperatively as a team to accomplish a single goal. Flexible hours are available to work around busy schedules.
Moderator: Mrs. Maureen Gray [email protected]
Environmental Stewardship and Gardening Club

The Environmental Stewardship and Gardening Club (ESGC) at Pope John Paul II High School takes the words of our school's founder to heart when he proclaimed "The commitment of believers to a healthy environment for everyone stems directly from their belief in God the Creator, from their recognition of the effects of original and personal sin, and from the certainty of having been redeemed by Christ. Respect for life and for the dignity of the human person extends also to the rest of creation, which is called to join man in praising God (cf. Ps 148:96)." from Message of his Holiness Pope John Paul II for the celebration of the World Day of Peace in January of 1990.

As part of its mission to promote character, community, and sustainability, PJP's ESGC is committed to being a steward of the environment, both locally and globally. Our goals include increasing student awareness of environmental issues and providing students with opportunities to facilitate positive change by being directly involved in projects relating to the environment. Members regularly participate in acts of service to beautify the grounds on campus and within our local communities as well as contribute to sustainability efforts on campus. Members strive to make choices that reflect our commitment to the conservation of Earth’s resources and our optimism regarding young people as leaders of a sustainable future.

Moderator: Mrs. Erin Gauntner [email protected]
Fantastic Friends
This club connects students at PJP with students in the community with developmental and intellectual disabilities through social events.
Guitar Club
The guitar club would be an after-school opportunity for guitar players to get together with fellow guitar players and either play songs together or learn new skills. It would be welcoming to all levels of skill and wouldn’t have a structured lesson schedule or the pressure of performing in front of others. It would be a laid-back club for people to have fun with their instrument and their friends. People could come and either meet up with friends and play or if they wanted to work on something by themselves they could.
Harry Potter Club
The Harry Potter Book Club celebrates everything Potter by watching and discussing the movies, reading passages from J.K Rowling’s books, and taking part in Harry-related activities. Members are sorted into one of the four houses and participate in trivia contests and other competitions, including Quidditch.
Moderator: Mr. Tim Fonde [email protected]
International Club
We all grow up being proud of our unique cultural backgrounds. Would you like to introduce your culture to us? Would you like to know more about people from other cultures? Join the club! The International Club is a student organization providing social and cultural interaction between international and American students. The purpose of The International Club is to enhance the high school experience of students from various ethnic, cultural, and national backgrounds by establishing an organization through which they can more easily become involved in Pope John Paul High school activities, and form personal and academic networks. Membership is open to all students.
JP Creatives
Capture the Spirit of PJP through Social Media
  • Discuss the world of social media and brainstorm initiatives that can be implemented into PJP’s social media channels. Learn about branding, storytelling through social media, and content creation.
Capture the Spirit of PJP through Video
  • Work alongside PJPTV to use PJP’s video equipment to capture live events, create video clips, and work on editing skills.
Moderator: Mr. Will Martinko [email protected] 
Liturgical Music
The Liturgical Chorus & Music provide the music for our school liturgies. The ensemble meets and rehearses prior to the masses. Anyone is welcome to join at any point during the year.
Moderator: Mrs. Marusia Lynn [email protected]
Lo Splendore (Newspaper)
Lo Splendore is the student-produced newspaper at PJPII. Students who are interested in writing, taking pictures, drawing comics or document design are encouraged to join. Staff members, with the guidance of the moderators, devise story ideas, interview story subjects, edit copy, and layout the newspaper. The staff normally meets once a week after school for about 45 minutes to one hour. Other meetings may take place due to approaching deadlines.
Moderator: Mr. Will Verdeur [email protected]
Love Thy Neighbor
Mission Statement: To increase cultural awareness, and provide support on multicultural issues in school and in the community. Also to provide a safe and inclusive place where everyone feels welcomed and to help make a change.
Moderator: Ms. Gillian Mussari [email protected]
This club is part of the diocesan mathematics competition in which students from various high schools compete against each other. Competitions are one Monday a month from October to March. Membership is open to all students who are interested in math and who have enough background to compete (Algebra 2).
Moderator: Mr. Steve Tighe [email protected]
Ministry Team
Students work with the School Minister on various ministry outreaches. Students give feedback on the effectiveness of ministry and help to promote ministry events. This allows students to have a direct impact and to assist in planning events related to the areas of Liturgy, Respect Life, Service, and Retreats.
Moderator: Mr. Chris Allen [email protected]
Morgan's Message
A new club starting at PJP, centered around improving the mental health of student-athletes and all students in general! As a club, we will come up with fun ways to fundraise for mental health awareness, host mental health dedication games, and serve as mental health leaders throughout the school!
Moderator: Mr. James Strandberg [email protected]
National Honor Society

The St. Katharine Drexel Chapter of the National Honor Society here at Pope John Paul II High School in Royersford, Pennsylvania is part of a national organization whose chapters can be found all throughout the United States, its territories, and Canada.  As a member of NHS, students embody the four main pillars, or purposes, that guide this chapter ever since it was formed: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.

The criteria for consideration of membership in the NHS depend on these four main pillars.  If qualified, students entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year will receive a letter over the summer inviting them to become members.  Once the students complete the attached application and are accepted, they are inducted into the National Honor Society during the Installation Ceremony.

Once inducted, new members of NHS (along with their senior members) participate in running school events such as the Tutoring Program, the American Red Cross Blood Drive, the First Grade Christmas Party, the Mother/Son-Father/Daughter Dance, and the PJP Community Easter Egg Hunt, among other events.

Moderator: Mrs. Peggy Tucker [email protected]
Palladium (Literary Magazine)
Where art and literature survive. The Palladium accepts submissions of poetry, short stories, artwork, and photography from PJP students. The editing team is comprised of students and the Club Moderator. This team selects works from among the submissions and then edits, designs, and prints the magazine which will then be made available to students. The magazine will accept submissions until March when production will begin. To enter a submission to the magazine, please email [email protected]
Moderator: Mr. Dennis Mullarkey [email protected]
Pantheron is a yearly fundraising event.  Through this event, we are working to help conquer childhood cancer, support local schools that cater to special needs children, and give back to the children of fallen soldiers. We are working with the Four Diamonds Fund, Archdiocesan Special Education Schools, and A Soldier’s Child Foundation in order to broaden PJP’s impact. Students will be on their feet dancing and participating in various other activities for seven straight hours to raise money for these charities.
Moderator: Mrs. Cynthia Honyara [email protected]
Photography Club
Do you like to take pictures? Do you want to share your pictures with others? Do you want to learn more about the technical aspects of photography and photo editing? Then the PJP Photography Club is for you! All you need is a camera (point & shoot or DSLR), and a desire to learn & share your creativity with others.
Moderator: Mrs. Megan McGlinchey [email protected]
All the announcements fit to announce! PJPTV is a student communication club. It is open to primarily juniors and seniors, although underclassmen may work behind the camera. The main focus is to bring the daily announcements to the school. These announcements may include club meetings, sports scores, and early dismissals among much more. Working with the school minister, PJPTV always opens with a prayer, to remind the students why we're here. The broadcast also includes historical facts for the day and birthdays for the date throughout history. Being a member of PJPTV is a good starting point for students who are interested in studying communications in college. Auditions for “newscaster” positions, for the following year, occur in the spring and are open to sophomores and juniors.
Moderator: Mrs. Megan McGlinchey [email protected]
Prom and Dance Committee
Have a chance to plan your perfect night! PJPII could use your help planning the Freshman/Sophomore Cotillion, Junior Prom, and Senior Prom. Committees will be formed a few months prior to each event. Help out with one event or all three. Committee members will assist by choosing a theme, decorations, favors, and helping with setting up prior to the event. Committee members will also have the chance to advertise and promote the events.
Moderator: Mr. Domenic DiMartino [email protected]
Interested in Sports Broadcasting?  This club is for you.  Be a part of the team of broadcasters that announce football games and other events throughout the school year.
Moderator: Mrs. Jessie Coppa [email protected]
Quiz Bowl
The Quiz Bowl Team is geared towards students that enjoy trivia games, watching Jeopardy, and/or playing with buzzers. We are a member of the Academic Showdown League, which includes Pottsgrove, Springford, Souderton, and Boyertown. Teams of four compete against each other trying to answer a series of academic questions ranging in subjects from social studies, math, foreign language, science, and English. Quiz Bowl is fun, informative, competitive, and best of all… we play with buzzers! The season begins in January, goes until March.
Moderator: Mr. Tim Fonde [email protected]
Reading Olympics
Reading Olympics is a co-curricular team competition designed to encourage reading for pleasure. Each year a list of books is prepared by the I.U. Students that want to join only have to commit to reading a few of the titles listed and contribute details to the team wiki. In the spring we will go to a site where our students will compete against other high schools. We meet and discuss reading assignments on a regular basis.
Moderator: Mrs. Heather Timmons [email protected]
respect for life
Respect Life Club
The Respect Life Club works to protect life in all stages from conception until natural death. We provide a voice for the unborn and serve our community in ways that promote the culture of life. We also have a rosary each month to pray for the end of abortion. Members of the Respect Life Club will have the first choice to sign up for the March for Life event that takes place in January. Everyone is welcome to join us.
Moderator: Mr. Chris Allen [email protected]
The Rhapsodies is the Pope John Paul II Show Choir, offering an upbeat musical review. The Rhapsodies perform in the late fall. Auditions are held usually in the late spring or early fall. Any student is welcome to audition.
Moderator: Mrs. Marusia Lynn [email protected]
Robotics Club

The Robotics Club meets in the winter months to design and build an underwater robot that competes in the Drexel SeaPerch Competition in April. As a Robotics Team, our goal is to create a fun and educational environment in which students will engage in creative and innovative robotic technology. We strive to educate our students and hope to spark their interests in naval engineering, electrical engineering, designing, and business. All are welcome, especially freshmen and sophomores.

Moderator: Mr. Brad Tower [email protected]

Speech and Debate Club
The Speech and Debate Club offers PJPII students the chance to improve communication, organizational and research skills and learn more about political and social issues that affect them each day. We will enter competitions against other schools in a variety of formats.
Moderator: Mr. Eric Moran [email protected]
Stage and Tech Crew

The stage crew is an integral part of the drama department and provides support for school shows and events presented by the drama department. Learn how to work lights, audio, visuals, and curtains. Students will also assist with staging.

Work behind the scenes helping set up and run major events at the school. Duties include audio and visual setup for assemblies, masses, pep rallies, and other special events.

Moderator: Mrs. Marusia Lynn [email protected]
Student Ambassadors
The PJP Student Ambassador Program is composed of seniors, juniors, and sophomores who serve to represent the best of Pope John Paul II High School. Student Ambassadors are proud members of the PJP family who value service to the school and the local community. PJP Ambassadors represent the school at numerous functions and events, which include (but are not limited to): PJP school tours, Fall Open House, Back-to-School Night, Parish High School Information Nights, 7th Grade Visitation Day, 8th Grade Scholarship Test, Spring Open House, 7th Grade Practice Scholarship Test, and other events in which outstanding representatives of the high school are requested by the PJP administration or officials from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Select ambassadors may be asked to speak at such events, and photos of ambassadors are often used on marketing and promotional materials. To be selected as a PJP Student Ambassador, there is an application, essay requirement, and interview process. It is an honor to be chosen as a PJP Student Ambassador.
Moderator: Mrs. Cindy Honyara [email protected]
student council
Student Council
The purpose of the Student Council is to represent the student body. Representation takes shape through the planning of activities, presenting needs and/or concerns to the administration, and serving as leaders among peers. Officers are elected in the Spring, and homeroom representatives are elected in the Fall. Planning events for Homecoming and Spirit Week are only two of the many activities Student Councils helps to coordinate.
Moderator: Mr. Clayton Cottman [email protected]
studio 38
Studio 38 (Drama Club)
Interested in musical theater? Consider becoming part of the Spring Musical! Each year a musical production entertains audiences in true theatrical style. Professional directors, sound and stage crews, choreographers, costume & set designers, and musicians collaborate to enhance the students’ performance. Major roles require auditions in December/ early January.
Moderator: Mrs. Marusia Lynn [email protected]
Superhero Club
The Superhero Club is an awesome club where fans of all kinds can rejoice and celebrate their love of masked mercenaries. We talk about comics, watch superhero movies, play games, have contests and so much more. Open to all students, even those without secret identities.
WWII Remembrance Society
The Pope John Paul II WWII Remembrance Society honors those that fought in the greatest conflict the world has ever seen. We discuss the causes and effects of the Second World War, ponder what might have been, and lift the lid on some of the unknown stories and heroes of WWII.
Moderator: Mr. Tim Fonde [email protected]
Youth and Philanthropy
This program draws from the freshman, 9th grade, students and utilizes teachers as program facilitators. The program is offered as an after-school program. The Phoenixville Community Health Foundation provides a philanthropic fund for the students to utilize.