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PJP Legacy

The Legacy of PJP

Pope John Paul II High School (PJP) has a very strong foundation built on the vibrant Catholic education that took place at St. Matthew, St. Patrick, St. Pius X, Bishop Kenrick, Archbishop Kennedy, and Kennedy Kenrick High Schools.  That foundation is strengthened when those who are a part of the rich history at PJP’s legacy schools are invited to participate in the life of our school today. As Pope John Paul II High School concludes the first decade of its history, we are mindful of our Catholic education roots while simultaneously beginning to honor and celebrate those PJP alumni, who like our legacy alumni, know the value and power of Catholic high school education.

Each day, Pope John Paul II High School, students, staff, and faculty can witness and honor the history and traditions of our legacy schools.  One area, in particular, is the Legacy Atrium which proudly displays banners and other memorabilia of each legacy school.  The Legacy Atrium also showcases the Legacy Impact Hall of Fame. Another place where PJP honors its legacy is in their courtyards. One courtyard pays tribute to St. Pius X High School and the other pays tribute to Archbishop Kennedy High School, Bishop Kenrick High School, and Kennedy-Kenrick High School.