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Josh Ochs Presentation

 The presenter, Josh Ochs, travels the nation speaking to over 30,000 kids each year, sharing with them tips they can use to create a positive online presence. With a background in marketing at Disney and a love for all things technology, he combines both to help tweens and teens use social media as a portfolio of positive accomplishments. His book: “Light, Bright, and Polite for Teens” teaches kids of all ages that everything they post on social media will eventually be discovered by their parents, teachers, their school principal, and someday colleges and employers. He shows families and teenagers practical examples they can use to always keep it “Light, Bright, and Polite” by posting photos of community volunteer projects that will help them shine online.
In addition to the presentation for the students, on the evening of February 22, at 6:30 PM, Josh Ochs will speak to parents from PJP and the surrounding parishes to share the latest apps and how to talk with their children about using digital tools to shine online. The goal is to keep students safe and to give parents a proactive way to start a dialog with their kids about being smart on social media.
The parent program is free for those who would like to attend. You can register for this event here. Even if you cannot attend, parents can register and they will be sent a free link to replay the video of the event. 
To view videos regarding Josh Ochs presentation please visit SmartSocial.com