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Twenty-four PJP Maguire Scholars Recognized at Ceremony at St. Joseph's University

Twenty-four PJP Maguire Scholars Recognized at Ceremony at St. Joseph's University  
The Maguire Foundation recently honored 658 high school students who were named as  High School Maguire Scholars.  The honor comes with a four-year-partial-based scholarship to private and parochial high schools across the Philadelphia region, including the 17 high schools of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.   The Maguire Scholarship applications are currently being distributed to qualified candidates by principals at area parish and regional schools for the Class of 2021.  For more information about the Maguire Foundation, please visit:  https://maguirefoundation.org/
Pope John Paul II High School (PJP) names six Maguire Scholars each academic year.  We are proud to recognize the following Maguire Scholars:
* Sarah Johns '17
Vanessa Lista '17
Julia Moroz '17
Jenna Mozi '17
* John Quinn '17
Jaime Wilkinson '17
Michael Harty '18
Rosario LaSpina '18
* Madison McNamara '18
Julia Owens '18
John (JT) Spina '18
Colin Wagner '18
Mary Katherine Cleary '19
Hannah Conley '19
Madelyn Lesinski '19
Marina Martelli '19
Patrick Quinn '19
Jillian Shrum '19
Emmaline Aman '20
Delaney Cordrey '20
Angelo LaSpina '20
Julia McLaughlin '20
Julie Nentwig '20
Tea Pasquale '20
PJP congratulates Madison McNamara '18, who was named as a "Distinguished Maguire Scholar" for her academic achievements leading up to her junior year.   Madison joins Sarah Johns '17 and John Quinn '17, who were named "Distinguished Scholars" at the 2015 ceremony, with this special distinction.  PJP is proud of all of our scholars, and we look forward to selecting the Class of 2021 Maguire Scholars.

The academic scholarship awards are currently being considered for the PJP Class of 2021.  Students who received a 90 to a 99 (National Percentile Score) on the PJP Scholarship Test have been contacted by PJP's Admissions Office to schedule an academic scholarship interview with the PJP Scholarship Committee in December.  The scores from PJP's Eighth Grade Scholarship Test have been most impressive, and we look forward to meeting with the Academic Scholars from the Class of 2021.  PJP's academic scholarship awards will be announced before Christmas.