Continued Success of Panther Aid 2.0

Pope John Paul II High School has raised more than $111,000 to support Panther Aid 2.0, an initiative undertaken to ensure that the school can provide sufficient need-based aid to its families. It is a follow-up to Panther Aid, a fund-raising campaign initiated by PJP’s Board of Directors last year when a number of PJP families experienced job losses because of the pandemic. 


Like many other organizations, PJP’s ability to raise funding via special events has been adversely affected by the pandemic. At the same time, COVID-19 has continued to adversely impact many PJP families. According to Joanne McHugh, co-chair of PJP’s Board of Directors, “We are committed to helping ensure that need-based aid is available for all families who qualify. We are grateful that so many alumni, members of the PJP community, and friends of the school have stepped forward to contribute to Panther Aid 2.0.”


At present, about half of PJP families receive need-based financial aid. “These results speak volumes of how the PJP community has once again come together in support of their fellow families,” said Vincent Cazzetta, president of Pope John Paul II High School. “We don't want to see finances be a barrier to any family who wants to be part of the PJP family.”


PJP is still accepting donations to Panther Aid 2.0. Cazzetta notes, “Your generosity can help make the dream of a Catholic education available to all families who desire one for their children.” According to Cazzetta, the best way to make a gift is by clicking the Panther Aid 2.0 link on the Pope John Paul II High School website or by clicking this link: